Texas A&M University College of Architecture
Third Year Studio, Fall 2014
Professor Sarah Deyong
Partner: Adam Wells
BLUE STAR ARTS COMPLEX, south of downtown San Antonio, TX will serve as a new contemporary art hub of the city. The program consists of a café, artist studios, art exhibition space, public pool, basketball courts, youth-sized baseball field, and food truck vendors. The site includes 3 patches of land located along the San Antonio River and is situated between the historical King William’s District and the Southside neighborhoods. This new community center aims to connect these two neighborhoods in an urban context, as well as linking the site to the natural ecology of the adjacent river. 
A network of pathways or threads provides circulation from the main building, which occupies the central section of the site. These threads disperse from it and fill up the space, allowing access to the site from almost every angle. This establishes a sense connection between the two neighborhoods in the manifestation of a new unique common territory.
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