Cornell University College of Art, Architecture and Planning
Core Design Studio I, Fall 2016
Professors Caroline O’Donnell & Sasa Zivkovic
BUBBLES, BONES, & BODIES is an exercise in indexicality and relationships between anatomy and umwelt. In an analysis of the meerkat, a small mammal belonging to the mongoose family, its essence was abstracted and distilled into a new spatial object. The meerkat’s most significant characteristics – its long sharp, shovel-like claws and its burrowing behavior were studied and extracted in order to create a new “bubble” or sphere. 
In the second phase of the project, the “bubble” of the meerkat bursts. The bubble finds a new context within Milstein Hall and deforms in order to adapt/benefit/defend from its new location.  At its new site in ventilation holes within a basement wall, the bubble is squished, pulled and pushed.  Part of its body rests inside of the hole and the remainder of it grabs on the exterior of the wall with its sharp claw-like appendages.
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